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March 4, 2011


I just came across this website( which has a text-to-speech software for free. It is a very good resource to check the pronunciation of words, which is particularly tricky in Cantonese. Not only can you hear the word or text pronounced, but you can also create an mp3 file of it. That got me thinking a little bit and I found that you could use it for creating vocabulary lists as well. It is somewhat artificial and not like having someone reading it for you, but it works just fine.

I am putting below an audio clip of a short vocab list I recorded with this software just so that you can know how it sounds like.

勢力 sai3 lik6 power; influence

靈活 ling4 wut6 flexibility; flexible, agile

議院 ji5 jyun6*2 parliament; council

資本主義 zi1 bun2 zyu2 ji6 capitalism

自由主義 zi6 jau4 zyu2 ji6 liberalism

真理 zan1 lei5 the truth

權利 kyun4 lei6 right (entitlement to do sth.)

政黨 zing3 dong2 political party

群眾運動 kwan4 zung3 wan6 dung6 mass movement; mass campaign

合法化 hap6 faat3 faa3 to legalise

新聞自由 san1 man4 zi6 jau4 freedom of the press

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