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March 28, 2011

As I promised, I will continue to post monologues. I will start with a series of short monologues about Hong Kong's history, particularly about the Japanese occupation period. The text - both the Chinese and English version - were taken from the Hong Kong Museum of History's website (

PS : Since I have been busy lately and thus I don't have that much time to devote to this website, I just copied and pasted the jyutping transcript from Cantoparser. Therefore, at times there will be some words repeated. But all in all it is comprehensible.

Another thing : the sound is very low, so I recommend you to use an earphone. I will try to talk to my friend and see if in the next recordings he can take care of that and make sure the sound will be louder. For the time being, do any of you know if there is a software that can increase the sound volume of audio files?



1931 年首先侵吞中國東三省繼而於1937 年發動全面侵華戰爭先後攻陷北京、上海和

南京,並於南京進行了慘絕人寰的大屠殺,殺死我國同胞約三十萬人。1938 廣州失陷


香港義勇軍英政府遂於1941 年末調遣了兩營共約二千人的加拿大兵至香港增防。

jat6 bun2 gwan1 gwok3 zyu2 ji6 zi6 sap6 gau2 sai3 gei3*2 mut6 ,jat6 bun2 gwan1 gwok3 zyu2 ji6 bat1 tyun5 zi1 zoeng2 ,zai3 zou6 gan2 zoeng1 hei3 fan1 。wai6 liu5 sat6 jin6 {kei4 keoi5 gei1} zing1 fuk6 zung1 gwok3 dik1 je5 sam1 ,jat6 bun2 {jyu1 wu1} 1931 nin4 sau2 sin1 cam1 tan1 zung1 gwok3 dung1 {saam1 saam3} {saang2 sing2} ,gai3 ji4 {jyu1 wu1} 1937 nin4 faat3 dung6 cyun4 min6 cam1 waa4 zin3 zang1 ,sin1 hau6 gung1 {haam6 ham6} bak1 ging1 、soeng6 hoi2 {wo4 wo6 wu4} naam4 ging1 , {bing3 bing6 bong6} {jyu1 wu1} naam4 ging1 zeon3 hang4 liu5 caam2 zyut6 jan4 waan4 dik1 daai6 tou4 saat3 ,saat3 sei2 ngo5 gwok3 tung4 baau1 joek3 saam1 sap6 maan6 {jan4 jan4*2} 。1938 nin4 ,gwong2 zau1 sat1 {haam6 ham6} , hoeng1 gong2 ceoi4 zik1 cyu2 jyu1 jat6 gwan1 dik1 mou5 zong1 wai1 hip3 {haa6 haa6*2 haa5} 。gaam3 jyu1 dong1 si4 hoeng1 gong2 dik1 fong4 wai6 lik6 loeng6 zi2 jau5 sei3 jing4 bou6 bing1 、jat1 se1 zi1 wun4/jyun4 paau3 bing1 kap6 hoeng1 gong2 ji6 jung5 gwan1 ,jing1 zing3 fu2 seoi6 {jyu1 wu1} 1941 nin4 mut6 {tiu4 diu6 deu6} hin2 liu5 {loeng5 loeng2} jing4 {gung6 gung1 gung2} joek3 ji6 cin1 {jan4 jan4*2} dik1 gaa1 naa4 daai6 bing1 zi3 hoeng1 gong2 {zang1 } fong4

The Shadow of Japanese Militarism

The growth of militarism in Japan from the late 19th century created the hostile

atmosphere in which the ambition to conquer China was conceived. The first move was

the annexation of Manchuria in 1931, followed by full- scale war in 1937. Beijing,

Shanghai and Nanjing fell one after another, and the Japanese conquerors committed

appalling atrocities in Nanjing, massacring 300,000 civilians. In 1938 Guangzhou

(Canton) fell into Japanese hands, and Hong Kong came under direct threat. Hong

Kong's defence at the time comprised only four battalions and some auxiliary

artillerymen, plus the locally-raised Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. To reinforce

these meagre forces, the British government deployed two Canadian battalions of 2,000

men to Hong Kong in late 1941.

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